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A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free

I did mushrooms for the first time in my life last night.  My buddy Nicole was there and tweeted some of my more interesting quotes of the night.

  1. I’m gonna Fuck lady gaga #gormanshroomtown 
  2. What if this overtakes christianity! #gormanshroomtown #kittykattheory 
  3. Ameen is part raccoon. #gormanshroomtown
  4. Look paul f tompkins, i know You’re a detective but this is out of your jurisdiction. #gormanshroomtown
  5. I consider myself a cat guy but not a KITTY kat guy. #gormanshroomtown 
  6. I am the lone wolf who blogs #gormanshroomtown

All I know for certain was that I was convinced that the collective human conscious is just one giant mama cat and everyone is in one way or another a baby kitty.  It was bizarre and amazing.

You can read my buddy Nicole’s blog here.

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